Eagle Warriors

8 years & above
Climbing through cheese

Our Eagle Warrior class will build endurance, strength and confidence! This class will build on skills learned at the Panda Warrior level and push new limits of skill with age appropriate activities. Your child will not only learn how to get stronger, but will put their new strength into action with exercises and obstacles that build muscle, body control and endurance! With ropes, various tests of grip strength, cargo nets, a warped wall and a plethora of warrior specific mats, Stars & Stripes is the environment to challenge and encourage their limits! They will test themselves on our ultimate obstacles while learning how to use their entire body to successfully accomplish the feats of a warrior. Our instructors have the knowledge to provide the functional strength training your child deserves. Each instructor will encourage excellence for every student to flourish and gain confidence in their own abilities today, and throughout their lives!

*call/text the business office 248-625-3547 for details and registration regarding pricing and the discounted commitment options

Eligible for Class Olympics
Eligible for Warrior Testing