Ultimate Athlete


Athlete+ is committed to building well-rounded, multi-dimensional athletes through our sports conditioning program. Participants already specializing in a specific sport can enhance their game through this program. Additionally, athletes who may not yet specialize in a sport have the opportunity for physical fitness, self-improvement and challenging themselves both physically and mentally.  
Areas of Focus: 
Flexibility key for longevity and injury prevention
Balance & Core Strength - for generating power from a standing position, creating a strong athletic stance and coordination
Footwork and Plyometrics - to enhance quick twitch, speed and power
Strength Training - upper and lower body explosive power necessary for athletics

*form and technique will be emphasized

Spring Sessions

4th/5th grade | 6/7th grade March 4th - April 29th

$25 per session
purchase 4 or more sessions and receive $5 off per session

4th/5th Grade - Girls 
Workouts designed just for girls to enhance strength, speed, coordination and overall athleticism.
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm 
March 6th, 13th & 20th

4th/5th Grade - Boys

High-energy Workouts to enhance strength, speed, coordination and overall athleticism. a variety of creative exercises, circuits & drills to engage participants.
Mondays 6-7pm
NO Session on March 25th

6th/7th Grade - ADVANCED Boys
These advanced workouts are designed for athletes with an established base to enhance strength, speed, power and overall athleticism.
Mondays & Thursdays 5-6:00pm
NO Session March 25th, 28th & April 11th

Eligible for Class Olympics
Eligible for Warrior Testing